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    Can You Lose Weight In A Sauna?

    Sauna baths have been scientifically proven to help in weight loss. A study has stated that using sauna for weight loss is something similar to performing a moderate intensity workout. Sauna also believed to relax the tired muscles by stretching them. In olden days, Finns used sauna bath to relax and detoxify their body. Today, people still use sauna for relaxing and detoxifying their body. However, when you aim at losing a major amount of weight following a diet program helps you in achieving the goal. For example, Nutrisystem is the most convenient and an affordable diet program that can support your weight loss goal. Visit http://www.sonacreamery.com/nutrisystem-cost/ to learn more about Nutrisystem and the cost of its diet plans.

    Sauna helps you lose weight because of sweating. When you weigh yourself after a sauna you will see the scale moving down. This is because you have lost some water weight due to excess sweating. Losing water weight is not permanent as it often comes back when you drink something. Increasing your body weight will help you burn calories. Heat can raise your metabolism up to 20 percent and this is the reason sauna helps you shed some weight.

    Sweat is made of lymphatic fluid and therefore the toxins trapped in the lymphatic fluid are expelled when you sweat. This increased metabolism will make you burn calories for several hours after spending time in sauna. This increased metabolism also makes your heart beat thirty percent faster for which you will be burning more calories. However, it is not recommended that you sweat excessively as it will lead to loss of electrolytes in the body. This will eventually damage the health of kidney. Likewise, exposure to high heat also brings about cardiovascular problems. Therefore, health experts suggest drinking 2 or 4 glasses of water while spending in sauna.…