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How To Realistically Lose 6 Pounds Of Body Fat

In order to lose body fat, the only thing you really need to do is to induce what is known as a caloric deficit, a caloric deficit is when your body is taking in less calories than what is needed to keep your body running. This leads to your body being forced to dig into your body fat reserves to find the energy required, eventually after a prolonged period of being on a caloric deficit your body fat will begin to deplete and you’ll eventually begin to lose weight.

The only realistic way you can lose a large amount of body fat is to stop eating as much, unlike what fitness coaches tend to tell you the amount of exercise (unless you are doing inhuman amounts of it) matters most of the weight loss will occur in the kitchen, this is because the amount of calories that are in a certain amount of food tends to be absurd, for example the amount of calories in a big mac require you to run over 10 miles to get rid of, this large and absurd number of calories is why most people will find it hard to burn off said calories.

The way you can achieve this is by going on diets such as the ketogenic diet, the ketogenic diet forces you to eat less by making you feel hungry less often, this is because foods rich in fiber and protein are usually far more filling and make you feel satiated earlier than if eating foods rich in carbs, which often make you feel more hungry than you already are and force you to eat more. Look into supplements from sites like MovoMovo to find more information on this diet type.