Mental Health and Debt Problems

Persons with debt mostly found with a mental health problem. Studies have evidenced that one out of two adults in debt has this problem and one in four who has the problem of mental health is also in debt. If you want to get recovery from a mental health problem, you have to tackle your debt.

Reasons to be in debt

You can be in debt for hell lot of reasons such as low-income, keeping unwell, a significant change in life, not getting paid, buying new things, ignoring bills, emergency situation and many more.

The feelings when you are in debt

When you are in debt, you feel that everything is out of control and nothing can do anything about it. You feel guilty as that is because of your fault and also feel embarrassed while talking to people about the financial status. You remain depressed and anxious.

How to sort out debt

Find a proper money adviser who is expert to tackle your debt and ask your friend or relative to come along. When you are trying to pay off the debt, the creditors being unaware of your mental health problem may act inappropriately or in some distressing way. You can talk to your creditors about your mental health condition so that they also become aware of it.

The repayment of debt

Lastly, you have to decide how to repay the council tax debt. Make a priority list to pay off your creditors. You can pay a token amount or make the full and final settlement or write off the debt. You can also go for any debt management plan or go with bankruptcy which naturally writes off debt after a year.

Sources to extend help

There are different sources which can help in this matter to help you come out of debt with their plans. You can apply to them for help.

Remember, as soon as you can manage your debt; you can recover from your mental health problem.